Let there be light! In 2016 Kinzo completed the headquarters for 50 Hertz- one of the largest power and transmissions companies in Germany. Located at the intersection of Berlin Central Station and the Spree River, Kinzo mediates an area of over 24,000 m², tying together the energetic culture of Berlin, the striking architecture and the needs of rapidly growing large companies. Individual, and team, work spaces are combined with generous central zones and terraces, providing a flexible, non-territorial and diverse working environment. All the lighting and acoustic attachments were custom designed by Kinzo, bringing the question of form and function full circle.

Architecture from Love Architecture. Photos by Werner Huthmacher.

24.000 qm
We have often fallen flat on our faces: but the risk has paid off and Kinzo has undergone an incredible evolution.
We always think three-dimensionally. It’s always about form, function and construction. Everything has to blend harmoniously, everything has to fit!
The three of us have worked well together ever since we were students. And it was always clear to us that architecture doesn’t stop at the doorstep.
Our concept of design and architecture is fun-packed and doesn’t shy away from the risk of innovative and unusual approaches!