Fjord, a design and innovation agency with 15 studios around the world, recently opened its new German headquarters in Berlin. Kinzo was commissioned with the design of the entire storey of a former industrial building in Prenzlauer Berg, creating an office that provides the greatest possible creative scope for Fjord’s employees, as well as a high level of spatial flexibility.

With its new design for Fjord, Kinzo has once again created a place that takes the identity and character of the client seriously. Like a modular kit, architecture can provide an organising structure for chaos, yet without setting boundaries, which was especially important in this particular case. Photography: Werner Huthmacher.

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We have often fallen flat on our faces: but the risk has paid off and Kinzo has undergone an incredible evolution.
We always think three-dimensionally. It’s always about form, function and construction. Everything has to blend harmoniously, everything has to fit!
The three of us have worked well together ever since we were students. And it was always clear to us that architecture doesn’t stop at the doorstep.
Our concept of design and architecture is fun-packed and doesn’t shy away from the risk of innovative and unusual approaches!