Kinzo Air

‘Our journey into the future began with an emotional decision for Kinzo Air…’ Kinzo Air, an all-new work environment, progressive and powerful like a space shuttle – far ahead of yesteryear’s office worlds – accelerates your corporate philosophy to the speed of light.
 Kinzo Air. Work like NASA

Kinzo Air is currently used as CI furniture at the publishing company Axel Springer and has been decorated with the red dot design award as well as a Nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. Photography: Bernd Westphal.

We have often fallen flat on our faces: but the risk has paid off and Kinzo has undergone an incredible evolution.
We always think three-dimensionally. It’s always about form, function and construction. Everything has to blend harmoniously, everything has to fit!
The three of us have worked well together ever since we were students. And it was always clear to us that architecture doesn’t stop at the doorstep.
Our concept of design and architecture is fun-packed and doesn’t shy away from the risk of innovative and unusual approaches!