Lobby D (Sony Center)

How do you transform a 1990s Berlin landmark using contemporary urban planning, and create a place for community and participation? Commissioned by the Canadian investment company Oxford  Properties Group, the Berlin-based architectural firm Kinzo developed a holistic placemaking concept for the revitalization of the Sony Center site at Potsdamer Platz. The first milestone designed by Kinzo has now been completed: Lobby D will open in the summer of 2022.


The completion of Lobby D is a milestone in the design of the Sony Center. It opens up Building Section D toward Tiergarten and establishes a visual relationship between the interior and the city park through a 21 m high and 60 m wide glass façade. Surfaces of oak wood, terrazzo and the hanging of lush climbing plants in the winter garden area brings the countryside inside. The chosen, new spatial solution also represents the opening of the area and the integration with that part of the city.


Tenants have a variety of uses at their disposal on site: Formerly just a transit space, Lobby D now offers two floors of work and meeting space, supplemented by a separate workshop room. A generous oak staircase has become the centerpiece of the lobby. It connects the first floor with the sec-ond floor. One unique design element is a large-format, acoustically effective wall graphic with high recognition value.


Photos by Simon Schnepp