Nike – One Central HQ

The new Nike Central HQ sits right in the middle of Friedrichshain. Hidden within a second courtyard, it fades into the urban fabric of the neighborhood. A former carpentry workshop composed of three segments, the building is an assemblage of parts that seem to transition into each other: from an intact old building into a partially new middle section, and through to a completely new third part that aligns with the original façade.


The result is a diverse office campus of flexible working areas for up to 300 employees, and includes catered spaces for influencers and athletes, showrooms, and multiple sport facilities. From the City Hub – a central café and reception area adjacent to an outdoor basketball court – to the roof terrace with its urban gardening, the highly dynamic and agile working environment notably holds only 30% of standard office space. Around these, the rest of the program traces along alternative ways work can look like.


An integral part of the concept is the distinct branding of both Nike and Converse, in combination with the essence of the neighborhood shaped by local artists, designers and products. Integrating a number of recycled materials and finishes tells the story behind the brands’ origins and philosophy.


With the collective constantly at the forefront, a sense of community not only pulses through the campus but it is also an essential part in the creation of the project. Collaboration with Nike Workplace Design + Connectivity (WD+C), agencies Downstream and Method, among many others, makes for a truly collaborative production.


Photography by Schnepp Renou & Sebastian Dörken, Video by Max Schröder.