French pharmaceutical company Sanofi wished for versatile space for more individuality, flexibility and exchange for its new Berlin office on four floors. Vibrant colors and plenty of space for the Sanofi community support the team in its transition from a traditional office structure with assigned desk spaces to activity-based working.


The workspaces, which are now non-territorial throughout, alternate between areas for open communication and quieter focus zones. The concept is complemented by a spacious lobby, a terrace and a dedicated cafeteria.


The flagship of Sanofi’s new office space is the entrance area. A breakthrough from the first floor to the second floor opens up the space and makes it more spacious and representative. A wide staircase in sunny yellow extends generously across the lobby, connecting the public area on the first floor with the work area on the second floor. The deep, electrified steps function as terraced meeting areas. The area thus becomes a dynamic meeting place where town halls can be held, guests received or short meetings held.


The central element of floors 1-3 are the common areas, which are characterized by their bright color scheme in coral, blue and apple green, giving each level its own lively character.


The Sanofi Berlin office was previously located in the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz. In March 2022, the staff moved to the new building designed by Tchoban Voss Architekten directly at Gleisdreieckpark.


Photographed by Robert Rieger