Cosan Karadeniz – Architekt

Bei Kinzo seit 2020

Coşan, you are have been with Kinzo since March 2020. Tell us a bit about how you came to join the team –

I wanted to gain work experience in Germany before graduating. I knew of Kinzo even before coming to Germany, from architectural websites. It caught my attention with its unique style and the way they are bold with colors. Besides their design approach, the work environment seemed very international and dynamic. After my third semester of masters in TU Berlin, I decided to apply to Kinzo and here I am.

Your internship started right when the Corona virus hit Berlin. What was that like? How did you settle in during a time immersed in Corona regulations?

The first month was tough as a newbie in Kinzo; new field of study (interior architecture), new people, new programs and everything without personal contact. But the adaptation was fast, people were really welcoming and helpful. Surprisingly, everything worked perfectly online. I have learned many new things just from digital meetings. But to be honest, work was the most significant factor that kept me motivated, mentally healthy and social back in that time.

After your six-month internship you continued to be part of Lauren’s design team. How does your workflow look, now part of Kinzo as a working student?

During my internship, I was mainly assisting my team in 3D visualization with Rhino. I was modelling the design in 3D, assigning the materials and arranging the lighting. I have expanded my knowledge about furniture design, materials, sustainability, and most importantly branding. I find it very successful, the way Kinzo understands and analyzes the company/the user and transforms their identity into a space. Now, I am developing design concepts and creating walkthrough videos for our design. Since it is a design/competition team, each project has a limited time. So, we are jumping from one project to another. The team proceeds with nonstop creative production which is inspiring and refreshing.

At the moment, you are finishing a Master of Science in Architecture Typology. Do you already know what you want to specialize in for your thesis? Is the topic of your thesis related to what you want to do after your studies?

Yes, and I have already started writing my thesis. I am investigating voyeurism in architecture through a sex-positive design project. I am always interested in the politics of space and using the space as a mediator to approach a social problem. Now, with my new knowledge of interior architecture, my interest has shifted towards human experience and tactile quality of the space. After my studies, I would like to challenge myself in projects where spatial experience, aesthetics and materials intersect the most, like retail or exhibition design.

Coming from a background in architecture, how has your experience been dealing with design at a different scale and in consideration of interiors?

I always knew that the scale of architecture is not for me. Architecture can be limiting in the sense of its technical aspects. Whereas, in interior architecture, it is easier to transform ideas into concrete objects; it provides more freedom to a designer. Interior architecture is interwoven with human behavior and daily life and it is a joy for me to contemplate about them and shape them through design.