Pam & Lena – Furniture Consulting

Joined Kinzo in 2018

Both of you studied interior design in Detmold and have been with Kinzo for 2 years as
our Furniture Consulting Team.

How do you support the project teams with your competence?

P: We join the project team right at the beginning of the first work phases. First, we receive a briefing and then we work out a furniture concept with our colleagues. This involves the selection of furniture for a wide range of areas, from workplaces to lounges, workshop, conference and meeting rooms and outdoor areas. We work with finished products and custom designs. Kinzo also designs custom-made carpentry solutions with individual sizes, colours, textiles, materials and surfaces. These include podiums, counters, chairs, tables, stools, lounge furniture etc.

L: Our task then also consists of combining the multitude of products to create a coherent overall concept – everything comes together at our table. From time to time we also send out internal newsletters, e.g. with the theme „Berlin – local companies/designers“, to inspire our colleagues and provide them with input.

What are you especially proud of at Kinzo?

P: We introduced the so-called TestLab at Kinzo where furniture can be tested and evaluated via a QR code. With the help of an app, personal data such as height is requested anonymously and the users evaluate aspects such as comfort, feel, design and craftmanship. Based on the results, we develop a digital Kinzo catalogue with the best furniture for individual requirements. This catalogue is available to all Kinzas/Kinzos.

How do you stay up-to-date?

P: We visit trade fairs, do a lot of online research, subscribe to newsletters and have weekly appointments with sales people who visit us in the office. But sometimes we also come across interesting products by chance when we are actually looking for something completely different.

L: One trade fair which I would like to highlight positively is 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, where we last attended in 2019. We particularly liked the fact that it doesn‘t take place in exhibition halls but is spread throughout the city. The whole thing is much more personal, you get more insight and you see the furniture „in use“. Other sources of inspiration are @detail_furniture on Instagram, the magazine ‚FRAME‘ and traveling … But I often get inspiration from supposedly completely different areas, such as urban planning. Jan Gehl‘s book ‚City for People‘ is an inspiring publication that one would not necessarily associate with furniture. But with an open mindset, a second look is very profitable!

Which object is your current favorite?

P: My current favorite is continuously the Cordia Lounge by COR, it’s super comfortable and of high quality. Ideal for lounge meetings, power naps and flex work. I‘m especially interested in designers and manufacturers who value sustainable production and materials and fair working conditions.

L: Takahashi of Objekte Unserer Tage is currently my favourite piece – a statement! Basically, I always find it interesting when we can implement local Berlin designers or have the opportunity to collaborate with them. In conclusion, I would like to say that furniture is so important to me because it embodies the direct contact between space and people.