CommonClouds – A series of AI generated Kinzo visions

At Kinzo, we tend to dive into the fun side of design – so using AI-generated images to spark imagination and craft spaces where people can come together seems logical to us.

Ethereal Passage

In the heart of the city stands a marvel of modern architecture, a building whose geometric precision is a testament to human ingenuity. Its facade, a mosaic of square windows, rises stoically against the sky—a symbol of structure and order. Yet, at its base, a transformation unfolds. From the rigid lines emerges an installation, a whimsical dance of cloud-like forms that defy the very essence of the building’s formality. White and gold, they ascend like ethereal spirits, crafting a passage that bridges the mundane with the magical. This juxtaposition is a passage of contrasts—the tangible and the intangible, the earthly and the heavenly. It is a reminder that within the confines of our constructed world lies the potential for boundless creativity and wonder—a passage not just through space, but through the imagination itself.

Visual © Katia Tolstykh / Kinzo

Urban Bloom

In a dynamic cityscape, a striking red structure stands out, resembling a large flower bud among traditional buildings. This design symbolizes nature’s resilience and beauty in urban spaces, inviting pedestrians to walk through its center, connecting with nature amidst the city. It’s an architectural statement that promotes the integration of greenery into urban development, encouraging a harmonious blend of natural and artificial elements.

Visual © Katia Tolstykh / Kinzo

Floating Shelter

In the heart of a tranquil park, where nature’s whispers dance with the breeze, a marvel of modern design floats effortlessly. White spherical balloons, like gentle clouds, tethered together, form a shelter that hovers above the emerald grass. This ethereal structure offers a sanctuary, a place where dreams and reality intertwine. Beneath its shade, visitors find solace, their worries lifted as if by the very balloons above. The trees, guardians of this serene space, sway gently, their leaves murmuring secrets of the past. The Floating Shelter is not just a refuge; it is a testament to human ingenuity and the boundless possibilities of imagination. Here, amidst the harmony of nature and innovation, one can truly feel the magic of the moment.

Visual © Katia Tolstykh / Kinzo

By mixing creativity with technology, we’re not just building structures, we’re sculpting experiences that invite folks to mingle and make memories.

We have always tried to adopt new knowledge for our design process and welcome the possibility to experiment with images – for new places of togetherness.