• INTERVIEW: Alejandra Horsley

  • Kinzo proudly announces the collaboration with Hey Monday!

    Most businesses are facing the same challenges: How can we attract and retain talent? How can we motivate our employees? And how can we foster collaboration and innovation? We know that tailoring work environments to meet the different needs of employees is vital, and designing these spaces has been Kinzo’s specialty for years. To further evolve our understanding of employees’ needs, Kinzo has now taken the next big step: A collaboration with Hey Monday, a revolutionary, new startup which utilizes technology to measure and cater to the needs of people at their workplaces. Click here for more information.
  • Hines Develops Future-Oriented City Quarter in Berlin

Case study

We believe that each project is the sum of many parts and always try to develop a true understanding of our clients: the case study of our work for the Fjord design and innovation consultancy illustrates our approach and provides insights into the ways we think and work.