We are proud of our diverse and interdisciplinary team. Kinzo can offer you a broad range of projects. We are always keen to engage with driven and ambitious colleagues who love to learn and help shape new things.

How we work

At Kinzo, we believe that innovation can only happen through collaboration with project partners, customers and of course within our own team. Our positive and open work environment is designed to favor new ideas and to learn from mistakes as a team. Each of our successes comes from everyone’s contribution.

Where we work

Our offices offer you the right place for many different tasks. So you can choose your workplace individually according to your needs. We call this concept Dance Floor. Home office is an option for us – but we love to see you live and in color.
“For us, curiosity is the most important quality.” – Chris Middleton, Founder and Co-CEO

Who we are looking for

We love new approaches and unconventional ideas. We are after cool heads who can offer valuable suggestions and keep an open mind. In other words, we seek team players with strong personalities. Your experiences make you unique – and we are looking forward to that.

What we offer

We offer you a creative working environment, a great team, an open communication culture, flexible working schedule, fair and performance-related remuneration, overtime compensation and, last but by no means least, the best coffee in Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie!

How it started

The story of Kinzo starts off with three friends and a grinding machine. In 1997, Karim El-Ishmawi, Martin Jacobs and Chris Middleton are studying architecture together. For the summer holidays, they want to do handiwork on a boat. The manufacturer of the grinding machine is called Kinzo.

Let´s dance!

On May 1, 1999, Karim, Martin and Chris open a small, fine club in Berlin Mitte. They call it Kinzo – yes, you guessed it. They build the room themselves and according to their own designs. Their first placemaking project is an international success.

A real office – kind of!

In 2003 Karim, Martin and Chris found their own architectural company. They name it after the club: Kinzo. The first office is located directly at Alexanderplatz. There is no door, you enter through the window. Berlin´s special energy inscribes itself in the Kinzo DNS.

We are growing

Today, the Kinzo office is located in the heart of Berlin, directly at Checkpoint Charlie. The space is larger, the team more international. Companies from all over the world are now Kinzo clients.

How it´s going

Some things just stay the same. We are still dancing. And we still serve Kinzo Cooler, preferably during summer time. So join us, it´s fun.