A new experience in the amusement palace


Building Redevelopment, Berlin, 2023

Kinzo was responsible for the design and interior fit-out of the premises and used the balancing act between unique history and forward-looking New Work concept as a template for the new office.

Preserving history – and telling new stories in the process

In addition to the client's established corporate identity, the Art Nouveau character of the building and its function as a former bathroom served as design guidelines for the location – from floor plan elements and the targeted staging of historical artefacts to the reinterpretation of existing elements.

Since its opening, the listed Admiralspalast has been a place for meetings and dialogue. The building was constructed in 1910 according to plans by architects Heinrich Schweitzer and Alexander Diepenbrock. At the time, the amusement palace featured an ice rink, bowling alleys and a cinema as well as an opulently designed luxury spa on the top floor.

Where bathers used to relax on benches, a special library-like space has now been created for quiet or small group work – with customised retreat niches, an 8.40-metre-long community table and individual counter workstations that allow a visual connection to the rest of the office.

The client’s aim was to create a space that would cater to and anticipate the diverse needs of the young, international team. For example, through places for exchange, discussion and feedback, but also niches for retreat, reflection and individual work.

Visualise great openness and celebrate individuality

A gallery level was added for the new use, making the room height tangible. Various small and specially designed retreat rooms have been placed under the galleries. Every employee can find their ideal space here.
For example, you can retreat to the pool room and fully planted jungle room or get together in the disco room.

For a holistic brand experience, the color concept is adapted to the customer’s visual identity, with the official corporate colors such as Mindful Blue, Empowering Red, Calm Blue, Positive Yellow or Grateful Pink.

A spacious room concept over three floors now serves as a home for the individual needs of the teams and creates a shared place of experience. The spaces designed by Kinzo in the main building are complemented by a new L-shaped extension by Graft. Kinzo faced the exciting challenge of combining a historically significant location in Friedrichsstrasse with a company that is symbolic of Berlin’s current development. In coordination with the monument protection authorities, the historical room layout was used as a template for the floor plan of the new offices.
Photos © Sebastian Dörken
Client Provider for digital coaching
Year 2023
Location Berlin
GFA 5.500 qm