Heading for the future

Covestro Headquarters

New Work, Leverkusen, 2021

With the development of a sustainable workplace strategy and the planning of this new type of workplace world, a unique network was created in Leverkusen that combines architecture and user culture.

“At Covestro we never take the easy way, but the right one. Kinzo always stood at our side.” – Richard Frische, Covestro Project Manager
Each floor expresses its world of experience in corresponding colors – creating an ambience that embodies the vibrant spirit of Covestro.
Emerging from Bayer’s Material Science division and into a world leader part of the DAX, Covestro has grown into its own global company. A renewed office world revolving around activity-based working and promoting diverse spaces for engagement – the campus is a hybrid of spaces, a rainbow of functions and environments surrounded by multiple living and working spaces for over 700 employees.
Photos by Schnepp Renou & Sebastian Dörken
Client Covestro Deutschland AG
Year 2021
Location Leverkusen
BGF 22.800 sqm
Category Office