Hello Neighbours!


Placemaking, Berlin, 2017-2021

Berlin, Südkreuz. Arriving at the interchange station, it is just a five-minute walk to Stadtquartier Südkreuz, the first residential development in Germany of real estate firm Hines. Kinzo supports with a unique placemaking concept.

What is it all about?

A future-oriented multigenerational building complex forms a new hub to bring neighborhoods together – for example through spaces activating interaction and a digitalization of the facilities that can be used together.
The project functions as a kind of “living room in Berlin” – with a laundromat, music room, gym, kindergarten and a roof terrace with a view of Berlin.

The residents themselves determine the use of the diverse offerings: The open kitchen becomes an outdoor barbecue area, the coworking café can also be a viewing or cinema hall, the streetball court both a bike workshop and a packing station.

The entire space should be lived in and open to all for free use. Ongoing updating of the project also increases the district’s appeal in the long term, both for potential residents and for all those who already live there.

Hello Neighborhood!

Photos by Sebastian Dörken, Film by Hines
Client Hines
Year 2017-2021
Location Berlin
GFA 21.430 sqm