Urbanity meets modern agriculture

KWS Saat

New Work, Berlin, 2020

A handful of seeds, a cultivated field, a rich harvest. Nothing against a little rural romance – but it is a bit dusty. Modern seeds have long been developed in hi-tech laboratories and hold incredible potential.

KWS started its journey to be amongst the world‘s top seed manufacturers from its headquarters in rural Einbeck and is now opening a new office location – in the heart of Berlin.

A customized office world meets the traditional company's requirements for modern, agile work. On a total of four floors, the versatile workplaces are reminiscent of the honeycombs of a bee colony, both in terms of design and organization.

Unique urban surrounding

KWS has moved into the new office and commercial complex “Im Wirtschaftswunder” in the Schöneberg district. The former headquarters of a bank from the 1980s lay unused – and has been revitalized by Kinzo.
Photos by Simon Schnepp for Schnepp Renou.
Client KWS Berlin GmbH
Year 2020
Location Berlin
GFA 6.500 sqm