Modern office landscape for the energy transition of tomorrow

TEAG Campus

New Work, Erfurt, 2021

The design phase focused on the question: How can the requirements of a modern office structure be combined with the regional identity of the Thuringian company?

Kinzo took advantage of the open floor plan structure of the new building and developed a holistic concept with a focus on functionality, communication and employee well-being.
In terms of color, Kinzo relies on a calm basic palette that is accentuated with the company’s CI colors. Soft materials such as linoleum, wood and textile surfaces complement the concept.

TEAG is the leading energy service provider in Thuringia. Whether green electricity, natural gas, photovoltaics, broadband or electromobility: TEAG Thüringer Energie AG (TEAG) is a forward-looking 360-degree service provider that is playing a key role in implementing the energy transition in Thuringia.

The fact that the company is now in an excellent position to look to the future is due in part to TEAG’s vision of expanding the company headquarters in the north of Erfurt into a TEAG Campus.

The large-scale TEAG Campus project comprises several construction phases. In mid-2020, the new construction of two interconnected, four-storey office buildings – Modules 1 and 2 – was completed by the architecture and engineering firm Ortmann.

„We wanted a consistent and coherent interior design concept for our new building. It had to be modern and future-oriented,“ explains Tonio Barthel, Head of Real Estate / Service & OverallProject Manager TEAG Campus.

Photography by Schnepp Renou
Client TEAG Thüringer Energie AG
Year 2021
Location Erfurt
GFA 7828
Architecture Büro Ortmann