Transparent protection at work


Forward-thinking work environments have emerged in recent years: offices with a focus on promoting communication by bringing employees together, and thus driving innovation. Spaces that balance competitiveness and a feel-good atmosphere to work in. Places of community that further develop identity and corporate culture for the benefit of all.
And now, the corona crisis has turned the world upside down: it is important to keep your distance while working as effectively as ever – an enormous challenge. Kinzo’s answer to this, is the development of a ‘first aid kit‘. The idea is to enable a rapid re-entry into regular operations in the open office, while safely supporting teamwork and a sense of community: the DisCo (“DistantCommunity”).
Transparent, mobile and quick to set up, the DiSco is not only a temporary necessity to comply with the distance and hygiene rules, but also a useful addition to your working environment in the longterm. The protective shield can be upgraded to a soundproofing element with additional acoustic surfaces. The shields fit all common table formats and table types: individual workstations, height-adjustable tables, benches or combined solutions.

Design: Lisa Wolf
Photography by Sebastian Dörken & Josse Freund

Industrial Design