Individual consulting for successful change


Placemaking, Berlin, 2020

Kinzo was commissioned to advise on the tendering process for a new corporate headquarters for BerlinHyp. In close cooperation with the client, the development of new office space was prepared in various workshops with the help of a versatile and functional space program.

The result was the design of two test sites, which in their form corresponded to the needs and expectations of the employees.

Trial run for users

In the two interim locations, employees then tested new work concepts and change management solutions, thus shaping the smooth transition to a new working world

The results of the detailed needs assessment, a structural analysis and an individual module catalog served as the basis for an international architectural competition. This was won in 2020 by C.F. Møller, who used the results to design HypBerlin’s new corporate headquarters.
Drawing: Section B One Berlin Hyp HQ C.F. Møller Architects
Location Berlin
Year 2020 2020
Client Berlin Hyp AG
BGF 10 000 sqm
Architecture C.F. Møller
Based on the results of the needs assessment study, two interim sites were designed.