Global player with local color


New Work, Berlin, 2014

Kinzo was entrusted with the task of giving the young online platform a spatial identity. The complete fit-out creates a built reality for a virtual community.

The sound wave "Hello, Welcome to Soundcldoud" was included in abstracted form as ceiling baffles.
A two-story atrium including a staircase was inserted between the two lower floors. In addition to their functional and work-atmosphere significance, acoustics are used as an identity-forming motif: e.g. as cladding for the pendant lights (“Krautleuchten”) specially designed for the project and as fixtures with perforated lockers backed with acoustic fleece.
SoundCloud’s new headquarters is located on three floors of an old brewery building on the Berlin Wall strip. The 180 Berlin-based employees of the rapidly growing startup will be brought together at this location.
Photos by Werner Huthmacher
Client SoundCloud
Year 2014
Location Berlin
BGF 4.000 sqm